Christoph Sonntag.

Software Engineer interested in using computer science methods and technologies for helping to solve up-coming challenges for humanity.

About Me

I'm a passionate programmer, mostly using Python and started diving into Deep Learning during the work on my bachelor thesis about a multi-labeling problem involving the idea of Residual Networks. What makes me happy is to work with a skillful team on something that makes a difference in the world.

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:

  • Python, PHP, Java, Javascript, C
  • Django, Laravel, Classical Web Stack (HTML, CSS, MySQL, ...)
  • Unix Systems, Vim, LaTeX, Git, JetBrains IDEs

Download my CV or send a secure message via PGP. I'm German, speak English and just started to learn French. I also love playing guitar and drums.

Projects & Interests

  1. MMetering: Smart Metering for private and community houses.
  2. Programming Basic Course: Beginners course for non-computer science students at the University of Passau (Universität Passau).
  3. Participate in events like HackZurich.
  4. Various professional contract work for customers in Germany (since 2013).